Please read entire description before making a judgment call. Remember folks mites is basically a bug, not a virus, not bacteria. So saying bees can resist mites is like saying an animal is resistant to a flee or tick. A mite is a parasite just like a fleet or tick. And I'm assuming people that are completely apposed to treatment in anyway also won't treat for head lice for people, fleas and ticks for animals, and any kind of bug that invades your home like cockroaches. Its how and what you treat them with that matters.And healthy bees are happy bees, watch my videos, notice I don't wear a bee suit. It's because bees are healthy and happy. It's just common sense. Treatment doesn't =BAD.

Please visit JustBeecuz youtube channel.
This video is made mostly for the new beekeeper whether or not to treat hives for mites usually natural methods or not treating at all. If people are telling you not to treat your bees at all you will risk losing your bees and it will be very expensive to replace your bees. Natural treatments with oxalic acid or mineral oil blend using a fogger or alcohol blend with thymol and oxalic acid. Will not harm the bees in any way. And your bees will be healthy. I know this by experience.please remember, if you say you treated your hives, and they still die, please consider something else might have killed your hive.
Remember folks moisture in a hive is a killer. Starvation is a killer, bad nosema can weaken a hive, we feed our bees essential oils that contains tee tree oil, wintergreen, spearmint, and lemongrass oil. So please remember this. Mites are not the only killer. Here is a link to me fogging. Just because it's called a treatment doesn't make it bad. Don't let people put a label on it.

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