Using vaporised oxalic acid crystal powder for treating and eradicating (99% of) the varroa destructor mite in honey bee hives.

NO toxic chemical strips or formic acid, just natural oxalic (the same as what is in rhubarb) can be used for full varroa control! This video shows the full on site treatment process using vaporizers on two different size hives.

It shows the quantities of oxalic used, the timing of each, and the 12v rechargeable batteries used.

Link to next video – taking a look in the hive after treating.

Oxalic acid vapor varroa treatment – a look inside after treating.

This is an early development version of the Venom Vaporizer being used here. The new version, with over 600 units sold, has a better handle, stainless steel shaft, and durable flexible leads.

Oxalic acid vapor treatment for varroa mite in honey bee hives

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