OxyHives for Hives treatment can be seen here at http://startlosingweighttoday.co.uk/OxyHives The Oxyhives formula offers immediate relief from this stinging, itchy, uncomfortable condition. Oxyhives is taken by an oral spray that gets to the bloodstream straight away and calms irritating Hives almost immediately.

The condition Hives, or to give it its medical name, Urticaria, appears as an itchy rash with raised lumps, just like being stung by a stinging nettle.

OxyHives will treat the condition by using an easy to use sublingual spray and uses all natural ingredients that have no side effects that some over the counter treatments may cause.

Hives can be in just one place and be a small size, but in other cases it can get as big as a dinner plates and spread over large areas of the body.

OxyHives will help treat this ailment and calm the situation down. There is no known cure for Hives, but with OxyHives, the treatment will allow the body to feel relief as soon as it is taken.

Hives can be present for a short time of around 24 hours before fading away, but in some cases it can last for up to 6 weeks, this is known as chronic ulticaria.

Hives can sometimes go away without the need for prescription drugs or any treatment at all, but if the problem goes on for any longer, you will need some relief before the stinging and itching drives you mad! OxyHives can give you that relief.

Your chemist may advise antihistamines for treatment , but these are usually are in the form of messy creams or tablets that can take a while to work. OxyHives gets to work faster than these two methods.

If Hives take a hold and has been with the patient for a number of days, your Doctor may prescribe a course of steroids, usually in tablet form.

If Hives has been a problem for several weeks, you may be referred to a skin specialist, with a stronger dose of steroids.


What causes Hives?
Hives can start at anytime with the cause mostly unclear. When the allergy 'what-ever-it-is' strikes, it triggers high levels of histamine to be released in the body.

Along with others chemicals that are released as a reaction to the allergy, the blood vessels open causing them to leak, hence the red blotchy marks, swelling and itchy skin.

Hives – What can the allergy be?
• Substances such as latex
• Infection
• Food Allergy
• Hot or Cold extremes
But often the cause is unknown

Many experts think it could be the immune system trying to protect the body with causes ranging from emotional stress, caffeine and even alcohol.

Who is affected by Hives?
Hives affects around 20% of people at some time of their life and is more common in children, middle aged women and people with a history of allergies. Long term Hives is less common affecting a much lower percentage.

Hives at its worst
Around 25% of people suffering from acute urticaria will and around 50% suffering from chronic urticaria will develop swelling of the deeper layer of skin and can affect parts of the body such as the throat, eyes, genitals and lips, making Hives sometimes a dangerous condition.

OxyHives will offer all round relief from this painful and stressful condition.
OxyHives is easy to takes with almost immediate effect
OxyHives is an all natural product

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