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Imagine before an important presentation, a speech, or even the desired wedding – a hive breakout makes it worse.

In order to get an effective stress hives treatment you will need to understand or at least have an idea as what could be causing your hives rush:

What causes hives and rashes?
Hives and rashes can of course have many causes, for example allergies or side effects from drugs. And you have to differ between hives or bug bites.

What to do to cure stress hives?
Hives and stress are close related. The ideal stress hives cure would be to get rid of all the stress and tension in your body, but to be honest that´s impossible. Try at least to manage your stress levels and try and get rid of some tension. Try relaxation techniques such as yoga, meditation and self hypnosis, these methods can relieve your stress rash over time.

What to use as a fast stress hives treatment?
Unfortunately, when you have stress hives on neck, face or on hands what you want is a quick and immediate relief. Sure there are drugs on the market like anti-histamines and corticosteroids which reduce the itching and ugly appearance of the hives. On the other hand they come with so many undesirable side effects that you should limit their use to only when it is absolutely necessary.

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Stress Hives — If You Experience Heavy Stress, Hives May Appear

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